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Ventev 0-7 GHz Lightning Arrestor (V-LP-N-P-BHJ)

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Ventev 0-7 GHz Lightning Arrestor: Your Ultimate Protection Against Electrical Surges

Key Features and Benefits

  • Wide Frequency Range: Operates effectively within a 0-7 GHz frequency range, providing comprehensive protection for your electronic devices.
  • N-Style Connectors: Equipped with N-Style Male to N-Style Bulkhead Female connectors for easy and secure installation.
  • Gas Tube Technology: Utilizes a gas tube for superior surge protection, ensuring your devices stay safe during electrical storms.
  • DC Pass: Allows DC currents to pass through, offering additional flexibility in your setup.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Ventev
  • Product Weight: 1 lb
  • Frequency Range: 0-7 GHz
  • Connectors: N-Style Male to N-Style Bulkhead Female
  • Surge Protection: Gas Tube
  • DC Pass: Yes

Experience the Ventev Difference

When it comes to protecting your valuable electronic equipment from damaging electrical surges, the Ventev 0-7 GHz Lightning Arrestor stands out from the crowd. With its wide frequency range, robust N-Style connectors, and advanced gas tube technology, this device offers superior protection and peace of mind.

Whether you're safeguarding your home office equipment or ensuring the longevity of your professional tech setup, the Ventev Lightning Arrestor is a reliable choice. Its lightweight design and DC pass feature make it a versatile addition to any electronic setup.

Don't let an unexpected electrical surge damage your valuable equipment. Invest in the Ventev 0-7 GHz Lightning Arrestor today and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior surge protection.

Secure your electronic devices now with the Ventev 0-7 GHz Lightning Arrestor. Don't wait for the storm to hit, be prepared and protected. Order yours today!

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