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Blonder Tongue DAP Digital to Analog Processor (DAP-PLUS-AR)

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Blonder Tongue DAP Digital to Analog Processor (DAP-PLUS-AR)

Experience the seamless transition from analog to digital television programming with the Blonder Tongue DAP Digital to Analog Processor. This single-channel solution is designed to deliver digital television programming over existing analog networks, making it an ideal choice for operators looking to embrace the digital transition.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Agile Broadcast (UHF, VHF) and CATV (Standard, HRC, and IRC) channel assignments in the 54-864 MHz range: This feature allows for a wide range of channel assignments, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Supports EAS (Emergency Alert System) input which can also be used as an IF (Intermediate Frequency) input: This ensures you're always informed about emergency situations, enhancing safety and security.
  • Automated scanning captures all available off-air or cable programs present on the input signal: This feature saves time and effort, ensuring you don't miss out on any available programming.
  • Supports both the Primary and the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) audio programs: This allows for a more immersive audio experience, enhancing your viewing pleasure.
  • Output power level range of +50 to +62 dBmV adjustable in 0.2 dB increments: This provides precise control over the output power level, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Supports Closed Captioning (EIA-608): This feature makes the programming accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand Name: Blonder Tongue
  • Product Weight: 8
  • Supported Formats: All 18 ATSC (Advanced Televisions Systems Committee) standard formats including 8VSB as well as Annex B QAM 64 & QAM 256 signals

With the Blonder Tongue DAP Digital to Analog Processor, you can immediately take advantage of the superior quality digital off-air broadcast transmissions that are currently available. This unit is designed to ensure uninterrupted delivery of off-air programming to subscribers, making it a valuable addition to any operator's toolkit. Don't wait for the digital transition deadline - embrace the future of television programming today.

Order your Blonder Tongue DAP Digital to Analog Processor now and experience the difference that digital quality makes!


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