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Crescend 403-450 MHz 20-50W In 100W Out Amplifier (P10-20UL1-C5-001)

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Crescend 403-450 MHz 20-50W In 100W Out Amplifier

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of the Crescend 403-450 MHz Amplifier, designed to enhance your communication systems. This high-performance amplifier is engineered to deliver a 20-50 watt input and a remarkable 100 watt output, ensuring clear and reliable transmissions every time.

  • High power output: With a 100 watt output, this amplifier ensures your signals are strong and clear.
  • Broadband repeater: Enhances the range and quality of your communication systems.
  • N female terminations: Ensures easy and secure connections.
  • 26 amp draw: Provides ample power for consistent performance.
  • 13.8VDC operation: Offers efficient power usage.

Technical Specifications

The Crescend Amplifier operates at a frequency range of 403-450 MHz, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. It features N female terminations for secure connections and operates at 13.8VDC. With a 26 amp draw, it provides ample power for consistent performance.

User Instructions

Installation and operation of the Crescend Amplifier are straightforward. Simply connect your communication devices using the N female terminations, power up the device, and you're ready to experience enhanced signal strength and clarity.

Experience the difference that a high-quality amplifier can make in your communication systems. The Crescend 403-450 MHz Amplifier delivers the power and performance you need to ensure clear, reliable transmissions. Don't settle for less - upgrade your system with the Crescend Amplifier today.

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