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JMA Esaplexer SMR700 extended AMPS plus SMR800 (TESA-UW2-L)

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JMA Wireless Esaplexer SMR700 Extended AMPS Plus SMR800 (TESA-UW2-L)

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of seamless connectivity with the JMA Wireless Esaplexer. This high-performance device is designed to provide superior signal isolation and low insertion loss, ensuring a reliable and efficient communication network.

  • Extended AMPS and SMR800: Enhances network coverage and capacity, ensuring uninterrupted communication.
  • -14TE Insertion Loss: Minimizes signal loss, providing a clear and strong connection.
  • 2.5db Isolation: Offers superior signal isolation, reducing interference and enhancing network performance.
  • 30db Isolation: Further improves signal isolation, ensuring a stable and reliable network.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: JMA Wireless
  • Product Name: JMA Wireless Esaplexer SMR700 Extended AMPS Plus SMR800
  • Model Number: TESA-UW2-L
  • Extended PCS+H block Extended AWS4 WCS2300
  • Low Loss

Experience Uninterrupted Connectivity

With the JMA Wireless Esaplexer, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and superior network performance. Its advanced features ensure a clear and strong signal, reducing interference and enhancing your communication experience. Whether you're conducting a business meeting or simply staying connected with your team, the JMA Wireless Esaplexer is the perfect solution for all your communication needs.

Don't compromise on your network performance. Choose the JMA Wireless Esaplexer for a reliable and efficient communication network. Order now and experience the difference!

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