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Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener for App Alexa or Google Assistant (SMART-GRG)


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Upgrade your existing garage door by allowing it to work by voice, smart assistant, or proximity. This garage door opener app also sends instant notifications to your phone when your door is open or closed.

Key Features:
  • Open and close your garage door from anywhere using phone, or smart assistant
  • Set it to automatically open when you arrive
  • Delivers alerts when your garage door has been opened or closed
  • CE and RoHS Complaint
  • No hub required, works through the Smart Life app, as well as Amazon Alexa, and Google Home
  • Supports voice passwords when used with Google Home or Alexa
  • Keeps a history of door activity for your records.
  • Compatible with almost any garage door opener
  • Important note: Only works on 2.4GHz WiFi. Doesn't support mesh networking.

    Unit will NOT work if you have a "Yellow/Purple Learn Button" on the system

    Best of all, if you left your garage door open, you can check the app and close the door from anywhere. It also works using the Smart Home app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

    Did you forget to close the garage door?
    Just check the app to see if it's open and you can close it from anywhere!

    What's in the box
    • Smart Garage Module and attached wires
    • Open/Close Sensor (not related to your existing safety sensor)
    • 4 x Cable clips with nails (to fasten down wire)
    • 4 x 3M Cable clips (for non-damaging mount)
    • 2 x Mounting plates for sensor
    • 3M Sticky Tabs
    • Nuts and bolts for mount
    • US Power plug

    How it installs

    Step 1.? Connect the black and red wires that come from the Smart Controller to the same two terminals that your garages wall switch connects to.??

    Step 2. Mount the wired black sensor to the top of the garage where it meets with the garage door, where you will place the non-wired sensor. This now indicates your garage is closed.

    Step 3. Press the test button on the Smart Garage Controller to make sure your connections are correct and your door will open.

    Step 4. Add this device to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network using your favorite Smart Assistant or the popular Smart Home app.


    This Smart Garage Controller taps into the simple mechanics of a garage door open switch. This enables you to flip the switch remotely. The ease to which this device works, means its also one of the most universally compatible smart controllers on the market. Similar models only handle garage doors up that were made in 1993. Our model works with almost any garage door opener.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Can I you use multiple Smart Garage Controllers within the same app? I have multiple garage doors and want ot be able to control them independently.

    Answer: Yes, Just be sure to label them differently within the app (Garage 1, Garage 2, etc. )

    Question: I have two garage doors, can I control both of them with just one Garage Smart Controller?

    Answer: Technically, you can use just one unit to control two doors, if you parallel wire to the second garage door wall switch, but the open and close sensor would still only work on one. We recommend getting two Smart Garage Controllers to get the most benefits like, independent door control, alerts for each door, and separate open/closed statuses.


    Question:How easy is thing to install?

    Answer: Generally we think anyone who is able to climb a ladder and use a smart phone app or smart assistant can do it. The extent of wiring needed is simply wrapping the wire from each lead of the Smart Garage Controller to the Garage Door Opener terminals. No soldiering, or high-voltages involved.


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Didn't work for me.


Didn't work on my Craftsman with the purple button. I did try shorting the pins with a paper clip and that worked. However, when the Smart opener tried to close the door, it closed partially and then re-opened. Seems pretty well made, and, the mobile app installed ok.



Great product and easy to install and set up

Smart Wi-Fi opener works great and is easy to install


Smart WI-FI garage door opener, was easy to install (less than 30 minutes) and was easy to program (less than 15 minutes).
After installing, I had several days of the app, showing the door opening and closing, on its own. After having a closer look, realized that wind was strong and moving the door slightly. Reduced the clearance of the door sensor to 1/8” and no other issues.
Inexpensive, simple, works as advertised and inexpensive.

Easy upgrade to old garage opener.


Very slick, easy to install and great to use. Unit was quick to install and has useful and simple iPhone app. Purchase includes all installation hardware.

soooo awesome!


This worked perfectly on my chraftsman garage door opener. I wish it would have worker with my genie intellig 1200 .

Don't buy another remote or keypad. Buy this!


I needed a new keypad for my opener and I lost the remote openers so this seemed to be a great alternative. It installed easily, the app works great, and I couldn't beat the price anywhere. It is very easy to operate and I am extremely happy with it. I'm thinking about getting another one for my shop. In summary, buy it!

Great Product, Easy Install, Worked on the first try!


Had 2 garage door openers originally. Lost one, and the other went through the wash with one of my jackets. So I had no way of opening the garage from the outside. Priced out replacements, and they were not terribly priced, but I was concerned about losing those in the future as well. Came across this bad boy, and figured it was worth a shot. Figured that since I have never lost my phone, this would be a safe bet. Easy install, and within an hour had it working. Now I just have to open the app, push a button, and TADA...Open Sesame! Works great! Never have to worry about where I put the garage door opener again!

Great product


The installation of this device was straight forward. Although my specific garage door opener wasn't listed in the supplied reference document, I was able to determine it would work, by using that document to compatibility.

it was very easy to install, very easy to set up and very easy to use.


well, i was a little discouraged because they did not have it in stock. a month later when i got it, the book did not show my opener in either list (will work or wont work). i did have a purple Learn button, so i was expecting it to not work. it works perfectly. love it. it was very easy to install, very easy to set up and very easy to use. highly recommend it.

For the Expert or Novice.


Easy to setup and install. Works well.

Easy installation


Easy to install, and works GREAT! My original remote that came with the garage door opener was starting to fail. This is MUCH better. The free app is easy to use and even sends a reminder that your garage door is open or closed. Wouldn't hesitate to buy this if I ever need another one. Fast shipping too!

Great buy!


This is a great product! It has simplified things in our home and works really well. My fiancée was able to install this fairly quickly and easily. We would definitely recommend this product, especially in a house hold where multiple people would need easy access to opening the garage.

So Surprised at how well this works


I have lots of smart devices in my home. I had considered replacing an old Genie garage door opener for a wi-fi version but balked at the costs. Ordered this device thinking what are you gonna get for $30 ? It came quickly, installed in an hour or so then ran into some issues getting it connected to the network, but when I got it online...Wow ! The software (Smart Life version) sends an alert whenever the door is opened or closed and keeps a record of it. Opens and closes the door with a tap on the app. Works seamlessly. This is probably the best $30 deal I ever got. Highly recommend.

Works as advertised


I installed this on my Genie Pro screw drive opener and my Pixel smart phone and it all works as advertised. But wait, I really needed to be creative when attaching the sensor to the garage door. It took me quite a while to mount the sensors and string the cable from the sensor to the controller. This was mainly due to the design of my garage door and not their product. Once I got the sensor and cable done the rest was very easy. I would recommend this product.

Easy way to get some cool features out of my old garage opener.


This product did as it said it would. And it has now fixed something that has always bugged me, which is forgetting if I closed the garage door. I can now check it from work (or wherever) and I close it, if necessary.