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Televes DATBOSS LR Long-Range Amplified UHF TV Antenna LTE Filter (149783)

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Televes DATBOSS LR Long-Range Amplified UHF TV Antenna LTE Filter

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reception of UHF signals only, transmitting on RF channels 14-36
  • Elegant cutting edge design built strong to withstand the harshest elements
  • Crystal clear TV reception enabled by T-Force proprietary self-adjusting preamplifier
  • FM and LTE filtering eliminates radio and cellular phone interference
  • Designed as a compact easy to install product for professionals and consumers alike (75.6 x 22 x 29 in)
  • Unlike most other antennas the preamplifier, power supply and LTE filter are included making DAT BOSS LR UHF your best value for fringe reception
  • Built-in TForce preamplifier continuously analyzes TV signals received by the antenna to provide the optimum gain and delivered signal level at all times. Based on proprietary MMIC technology exclusive to Televes offering unparalleled performance
  • In the event of power failure, the DAT BOSS LR UHF will continue to work in passive mode, bypassing the built-in antenna electronics. The antenna can operate in active (amp turned on) or passive mode (amp turned off)

Product Overview

The Televes DATBOSS LR UHF is a state-of-the-art long-range over-the-air TV antenna that automatically adapts its gain in real time to optimize the reception of television signals. This ensures the optimum level of signal is delivered at all times. The DATBOSS LR UHF is able to receive very weak distant signals while at the same time avoiding overload caused by very strong signals. This is a very high gain directional antenna designed to offer stable and high-quality reception of UHF signals only (RF channels 14-36) in challenging long-range and fringe receiving scenarios despite continuous changes in weather and transmitting conditions thanks to its exclusive and intelligent built-in TForce amplifier.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 75.6 x 22 x 29 in
  • Brand: Televes

Quality and Durability

Not only do industry experts rave about the DATBOSS LR UHF's exceptional long-range performance and market-leading gain, but also the unparalleled manufacturing quality using only the finest materials (aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic) ensuring years of trouble-free operation in the most challenging environments.

Experience the difference with the Televes DATBOSS LR UHF. It's your best option for a long-range high gain UHF only antenna with automatic gain control and precise filtering to ensure the best possible reception at all times under the most challenging circumstances.

Upgrade your TV viewing experience today. Order the Televes DATBOSS LR UHF now!


Ratings & Reviews

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Very pleased


Antenna is well made, easy to assemble. Delivery was quick. I live in a fringe area of the Twin Cities with several trees in the path. The additional gain including the pre-amp made all the difference.

Easy and Good


Quite easy to assemble if you look at both the grayscale directions AND the picture on the box. We are in a very tough location with hiss, trees, and 30-70 miles from any antenna. Even with just a single chain link top rail bungeed to a fence and some trees nearby I get almost 20 at 70% signal! lWith 2 pieces and better clearance we get 30 plus stations. Quite tough, doesn’t bend if you breathe on then like the cheap yagi type.

Better than expected


I'm at least sixty mile from UHF braodcasters , with tall tree coverage Around my house and two ridge lines between me and transmitting towers. I expected to receive
about 12 channels. I got 22, and another 5 when I connected the booster. Very satisfied.

Works well


Great antenna. Not "easy" to assemble, took a while but appears worth it. Had to buy a telescopic mast elsewhere though, too expensive here.

Televes long range datboss amp. Ant .


Works great 70 miles.fromtv station we like to watch

accept no substitutes


The market is now full of knock offs but none can come close the Televes antennas that started it all. This antenna is built of heavy gauge durable materials to last for many years and it's preamp provides enough signal to run every tv in the house. The Televes triple boom design produces the maximum gain, beamwidth, and bandwidth possible in an antenna that size. I admit i was a skeptical until i tested one against our reference standard UHF antennas on our far field antenna test range, but it actually delivered better UHF performance than larger industry standard corner reflector yagi designs.

This is the strongest you can get


Antenna arrived quickly. Assembly instructions were 22 steps in photos. I watched the videos ahead of time and they helped. Took about 35 minutes. Overall impressions----sturdy, well made, not too massive. I installed it on top of a 15 ft mast on roof---chimney attachment and guy wires. Ran 50 ft coax inside to included amp/ 2 tv distribute box. I am in a difficult geographic location 45-50 miles from KC MO stations. Looks like all signals from 43 channels are pegged at max. No more pixellations so far. Gonna watch the Olympics clearly and on FREE TV. In a good location this antenna should pick up from 70 miles I would think.

High Quality


I checked out a lot of reviews prior to finally deciding on the Televes antenna. The one that I selected is UHF only however I would definitely suggest checking your area to see if VHF is required. I'm able to pickup 81 channels in the KC area. I found the Solid Signal tutorial on YouTube for great step by step instructions on assembly.

Look no further


This antenna was installed 69 miles north of the New Orleans transmitters. I do have some channels drop out for a short time in heavy rain. The elevation of the antenna site is 290' ASL, compared to a transmitter SL of Zero, and a 1000 ft tower. I think I have line of site to the transmitters. The built in amplifier works well. The antenna is well made. I don't think I can find an antenna that will work any better. Excellent Value.

Great antenna for distant towers.


Superior product for bringing in distant stations. Towers are about 70 miles away and with the amplifier I receive about 20 stations. I previously had a cheaper antenna and would only pick up about 7 stations, and that was dependent on atmospheric conditions. If you need an antenna to pick of distant stations don't waste you money an anything other than this antenna. Solid Signal was the least expensive and the shipping was really quick. Great company to deal with.

Great TV Antenna.


Excellent quality, works great, Preamp included with the price.

Very good for UHF stations.


It does a great job on UHF but, it not as strong on VHF, I'm still having issues picking up 2 VHF stations just 15 miles away.