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weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit (470354)

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weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit (470354)

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of uninterrupted connectivity with the weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit. This versatile, multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster is designed for all RV classes and towable trailers. With up to 50 dB max gain, it delivers the strongest cell signal possible on all available network speeds, ensuring you stay connected wherever your journey takes you.

  • Enhanced outside antenna with a modular design for custom setup and optimal signal reception
  • Delivers fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming, and improved hotspot capability
  • Compatible with all cell phones, hotspots, cellular-connected tablets, and other cell devices on all US mobile carriers€”including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile
  • FCC-approved and comes with a 2-year warranty

Technical Specifications

The Drive Reach RV kit comes with everything you need for DIY installation. The kit includes 25€™ of RG-6 extender cable for ideal booster placement within RVs of any size. With a side-exit adapter and mounting hardware, the outside antenna fits universal CB antenna mounts and exterior RV ladder poles.

Easy Installation

Setting up the Drive Reach RV is a breeze. The kit includes all necessary components for a hassle-free, do-it-yourself installation. The outside antenna fits universal CB antenna mounts and exterior RV ladder poles, ensuring optimal positioning for signal reception.


The Drive Reach RV is compatible with all cell phones, hotspots, cellular-connected tablets, and other cell devices on all US mobile carriers€”including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. This means no matter your device or carrier, you can enjoy the benefits of a boosted signal.


Like all weBoost boosters, the Drive Reach RV is FCC-approved and comes with a 2-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Experience the difference a strong, reliable cell signal can make on your travels. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay safe with the weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit. Order yours today and enjoy the freedom of reliable connectivity on the road.

Works On Every Network, For Any Carrier.


  • Modular antenna design for optimal positioning on RVs.
  • Outside antenna fits universal CB mounts (3/8-24 thread).
  • Spring base protects antenna from wind and low branches.
  • Works with ALL phones and cellular devices on ALL carriers.
  • Boosts cell signal in RVs when parked or while in motion.


Good product, bad picture, need separation


Picture on the website was incorrect. When I messaged customer service, they were responsive and sent a note which said WeBoost had published the wrong picture. Unit worked as indicated. I installed this on a campervan with ~6' of vertical separation and 11' of horizontal separation. and could not get it to operate without interference. The unit still works, just at a reduced output. Without the unit, my van is similar to a faraday cage (well insulated and contains reflective material in cell signal range) with decibel ratings close to -110. With the unit on and nearby, I am around 70 to 80.

Great product that allows me to work remotel


We bought a Weboost Drive and an extra RV Antenna and mode the amplifier between our tow vehicle and our travel trailer. While driving, it allows me to do conference calls with less fear of losing the connection. Over the last two months we drove from VA to KS to MI, using it in the car and in fairly remote state parks and other campgrounds with good success. We use Visible for the unlimited data and can stream Netflix and Apple TV pretty reliably. I would recommend this unit. The one think I don't like is the phone needs to be sitting right on the inside antenna to work properly. It am going to see if we can buy a more powerful inside antenna for our RV so we can use it anywhere we are sitting.

Oh my! So very good!


We are full-time RVers. We were in a campground in the hills outside Deadwood SD and getting minimal bars and terribly slow and inconsistent cell data. There was one seat in the RV that could actually get data service. We decided to try the Drive Reach RV product. Given the return policy, it seemed a no risk situation. Within seconds of installing the booster, the words out of my wife's mouth were "Holy cow!". We could go anywhere within the RV and get LTE data speeds. It was absolutely wonderful. We have since traveled to Cheyenne WY and Central City CO and have had the same amazing experience. We plan to continue testing the product as we travel but it sure seems like I will NOT be returning it. We are so very happy with it. I wish I had given it a try when we were suffering with horrible signal coverage when we were at a somewhat remote campground in MN. I know, first world problem. We were able to snake the various cables through our RV so they were mostly hidden. Kudos for cable lengths! In addition to praising the technical aspects of the product, I also want to call out the customer service. It was outstanding. There was a potential issue with getting the product shipped to us before we left that campground near Deadwood and the customer service team clearly understood our situation and helped us out. Thank you, thank you, thank you Wilson Electronics engineers and customer service.

Don't waste your money


If you want a $500 paper weight, this will out preform any paper weight in this category. Seriously, after getting a replacement antenna, the boost still doesn't work. Very disappointed in this product.

Product did not work, possible parts defective


Received the product and it did not offer any boost inside my rv. I have strong signal outside. Spoke with agent and went thru TS steps and found products may be bad. My signal outside is -85db to -92db, inside rv with booster on it is -122db and with booster off still -122. The antenna is installed at the highest point. Waiting on replacement to verify if it is bad. they are on backorder at the moment

Excellent Reach


Recently upgraded our 8 year old Wilson phone booster to the WeBoost "Drive Reach RV". I created a telescoping mast using PVC pipe (1", 1 1/2", and 2") to increase the height of the antenna to about 12' above the rig. We are in an extremely remote location outside of Kanab UT, but I now have a usable signal -- it's not a great signal, but since the tower I am connecting to is 43 miles away near Jacob Lake AZ, I'm pretty happy with it. I can make calls and connect to the internet!

Highly recommend


We enjoy remote camping. Since my wife works part time as an independent consultant, a good cell signal is a must. Until we installed a Drive Reach RV our site selection was limited. Now with the booster we can expand our area. Zoom, text and email work great. Coupled with our hotspot all is well. It truly works.

Exuma Land and Sea park finally in range!!


We had a Zboost for years and we could get email overnight in the Exuma Bahamas Land and sea park but no interactive internet. We just upgraded to the Weboost and we can now get interactive internet in the park and stream in most other areas of the Exuma chain of islands. I am installing the antenna on our RV this week and look forward to using it on our upcoming RV trip out west.

In no way shape or form would I spend the money for this


We spent the $500 for this device and nomatter where we go it does not help our servis at all and would never recommend anyone buy it not only does it not work the way they advertise but if you have any questions good luck getting ahold of anything other than a answering service

Exceeded Expectations


I was camping on Baker Lake about 25 miles north of cell service in a National Forest and had zero bars of service (Verizon). I was skeptical because the instructions said the cell phone needs at least one bar for the booster to work. I hooked up the outside antenna and ran the wire through the screen door to the booster inside. From there I had the inside antenna on the dinette and plugged the booster into a 75w portable inverter and used a 12 volt outlet. Almost instantly I had one bar and was able to talk and text. Not sure if I'll permanently install it now and may just keep it handy if needed for those rare occasions.

Very Pleased


I installed the Drive Reach RV system on my Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailer. I am impressed with it's performance, however, I desired more boost area inside the trailer so I added the optional amplified indoor panel antenna. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AMAZING!!!!! On my second camping trip, totally unaware of the reason, I got home and discovered my outdoor antenna mounted on the ladder had snapped off and was simply dangling by the coax wire!! I called and explained I had no idea how it broke...they told me it was under warranty and shipped a replacement to me. Now THAT is customer service. I was shocked, to say the least. I just figured I was going to have to buy a $110 replacement antenna. THANK YOU WILSON ELECTRONICS!!! Definitely 5 Stars in my book!!!

It works but could use a longer antenna poll extension.


I bought the weBoost Drive Reach RV and installed it in my 4runner. I recently tested it out in Joshua Tree National Park and it work, but as I drive deeper into the park the weBoost was unable to pick up any signal. The antenna could use a longer extension to get a better gain. Overall am very pleased with the product.