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weBoost Drive Reach Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470154)

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The Drive Reach is weBoost’s most powerful, in-vehicle cell phone signal booster yet. With 29.5 dBm in uplink-output power, the Drive Reach reaches signal 60% farther from closest tower than previous boosters for the strongest 3G & 4G LTE signals possible. Users experience greater usable range, fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster hotspot capability, and improved internet connectivity. Works with all phones, tablets and hotpots on all US carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and many more.

The Drive Reach is part of weBoost’s new generation of boosters and features a rugged metallic body and a unique fin design to better displace heat for peak performance and longer use. Additionally, the power supply offers a 5V / 2.1 Amp USB charging port to allow for simultaneous use and charging.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • For multiple users and devices
  • 29.5 dBM uplink-outpower power
  • Up to 50 dB gain
  • Compatible with all phones on all US carriers
  • Simple & easy installation
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • FCC Certified

How it Works:

Receives Signal
The powerful antenna reaches out to access a voice, 3G, 4G and LTE data signals, and delivers it to the booster.
Boosts Signal
The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cellphone tower.
Broadcasts Signal
Your devices get a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

Compare With Other Models:

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Drive Reach 470154









Compatible with all cellular devices and U.S. Carriers

Boosts Data, Voice & Text

Outside AntennaSleekMini MagneticMini Magnetic
Inside AntennaCradlePatchPatch

Max Gain

23 dB

50 dB

50 dB

What's Included:

Drive Reach

Indoor Antenna

Power Supply

Mini Magnet Antenna

Installation Manual
(Download Here)

Installation ManualSpecifications

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Does not work


Did nothing but kill my battery in my car. No boost to my signal at all. I’m a hospice nurse and need service in rural areas. Cost too high and you get nothing.

This product is worth buying I like it


I installed this product about a week after I got it and I noticed a difference immediately. Im a truck driver and often dropped calls. there's still a couple of areas that are very weak but this device works as Advertised. My phone calls seem to be clearer now and streaming has less interruptions.



I have the weboost in home for my camper and the drive plus for my work truck. As I work on large power lines in remote areas this is an essential tool. Without it I cannot operate and with it it is a life saver. It will not give you signal unless you have signal. I think that is one of the misconceptions people have. Without it I can't make calls in most areas but when I do get signal the booster can make 1 bar 3. It has been a valued tool for my work and my coworkers. Works with all phones on all networks and Evan boosts the signal on cell enabled laptops and hot spots……I strongly recommend that you look and read thoroughly to find the device that best fits your situation. They have a lot of products for vehicles, houses, campers, and RVs.

So far so good


Have only tried out in my driveway, my house has terrible cell service and it went from 1 bar to 3 so looks promising. Getting ready to go to Moab and Sedona so we'll see how it works.

Works in remote areas with bad signal


We hunt for reptiles in remote areas and this helps us stay connected on multiple devices with different carriers. Thanks weBoost for a product that works.

Marginal at best


There are 2 drawbacks to this product. One, my experience is that you have to hold the antenna directly against your phone in order to get improved reception. When you're driving solo, this is not really feasible. Two, the customer service reps seemed to be young, inexperienced, and for the most part unconcerned.

Woks within seconds


Needs to come with 2 antennae and an opportunity to easily move between my 2 trucks

It is better than nothing; but not great


I have a Tacoma (TRD/Off-road). I set it up per instructions. [I'm a RF guy]. I agree with review that speaks about possible interference with radio antenna. I could detect radio static by powering the weboost (Drive Reach), and eliminating it by disconnecting weboost. I tested in my apt in very controlled setting; it more inline with "what I would expect"; but the application in my truck; that was performance was something; but much less than I would expect.

Great Devise


Works better than I thought. When you use it after it starts up switch your phone to airplane mode then turn it back to normal and it will lock on to the Weboost and away you go.

Cables are to short for a suburban


Never got to use it. tried to install as they said in the manual and the cables are too short for a suburban it only comes with 10-foot cables and you need at least 20-foot cables so you can hide the wires. This setup is not for large SUV's or minivans



I am going to return it. It Doesn't work.

It's ok.


It works. Not as well as the reviews... but customer service said it's because my vehicle has a moon roof. Als apparently because it's a truck the Antenna for the phone and the antenna to pick up the signal struggled to be too close to each other. I have a 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road.

One bad apple


I have purchased a lot of cell boosters and have them in all my company trucks and personal vehicles The weboost reach is the only one that never worked. Customer service said it was the external antenna and sent me a replacement and it still doesn't work. Lots of money for something that don't work

Worked very well


Works exactly as advertised, very good product.

Worked REALLY well in the Sierras


Bought this so we could escape on a Friday or Monday and "work from anywhere." We tested it by going to the Mammoth Lakes area of California. In several spots we were able to make phone calls and check the web where we couldn't before (having been in the Sierras a few times). So far, so GOOD!

Questionable compatibility to other systems


I have a 45 min drive to work, it did help in some area's but the other areas it not working, I see others using there cell phones ????

Great price of equipment


The installation was easy and and the performance was well worth the investment

Zoom video call in the middle of nowhere


We are a franchise and our corporate office calls us with our leads. We are always expected to answer, well living in the mountains of Colorado that's not always possible. They suggested weboost and we put it off for a few months, cost mainly. Finally pulled the trigger and couldn't have come at a better time, we had our corporate partners meeting and we had a job to do in Kansas and would be driving home during the meeting. I was able to log into zoom and watch, chat, participate in a 3 hour zoom call while driving from Kansas to pine, co. We usually have service for about 1 hour total of that 5.5 hour drive. Not a single issue, never dropped the call! Wish we bought this sooner?

This thing works


AT&T is my carrier and I live in a pocket of a Philly suburb that happens to have a weak signal. Out of 4 bars, I typically oscillate between 1 and 2 in 5G. Installation was easy and I ordered the longer antenna. Tested it parked outside my house and it consistently moved me from 1-2 bars to a solid 3 and at times a full 4 bars. Did a leisurely drive around town yesterday and periodically unplugged the system and then plugged it back in and again, I consistently moved from 1-2 bars to at least 3 bars. At one point my phone dropped back to 2 bars for about 30 seconds in 5G but then moved to 4G at a full 4 bars, then back to 5G at 3. I know that bars aren't everything when it comes to measuring strength of cell signal, but they're something! I will be driving from Philly to Pittsburgh tomorrow so will be interesting to see how this product performs when I drive through some very rural PA areas. Just accepted a job covering four rural counties in north central PA that will involve a lot of driving and I already know the cell coverage up there is severely compromised in many areas and simply nonexistent in others. It's why I purchased Drive Reach. We will see!



I needed something, anything. I was unsure where to turn. I have AT&T service, it's pretty good in my area for the most part. I needed something to that would help in the dead spots. After doing some research, I got the Weboost Drive Reach, it definitely help. No more missed or dropped calls. I do wish there was an easier way to measure the gains. I'm not understanding why I needed to register with my service provider. The install was simple, the registration was a bit of a challenge.

Amazing Improvement


I have had the older model since 2017. When I heard that an improved model was available I couldn't resist. I can't believe the improvements to my reception. Installation is easy and customer service is readily available for technical questions. There are multiple antenna options. I opted for the NMO permanent mount.

Great booster, well worth the cost


My wife and I travel to the north Maine woods for a 10 day camping trip every year -- 55 miles from the nearest town, 33 miles down logging roads, heavily forested, totally off the grid. We camp on the northwest tip of Moosehead Lake where moose seriously outnumber people. We've never had a cell phone signal within 25 miles of the campground, but the campground owners have a Weboost home system and have a great signal. This year, we decided to get a booster and went with a Weboost -- the weboost Drive Reach. If you look at the coverage maps from all of the major cell phone service providers, not one of them has any coverage where we camp. BUT... we had a reliable cell phone signal every time we jumped into our SUV! And it was a strong signal! And, we had a cell signal almost all the way up the logging roads. Of course, the booster can't boost if there is nothing there, so there were some dead spots. I sat in my driveway at home, where our cell service is weak, and watched the db levels. I saw an improvement in signal strength from between 20-35%. And, no more dead spots on my 25 miles commute to work! Totally worth the cost! My wife is happy and, as the saying goes, a happy wife is a happy life!

Excellent booster


I work in the oilfield in rural Appalachia, this lets me make calls and look things up on the internet in places I have no business doing it. I've only found one place so far that it didn't give me at least some signal; and it was maybe the most backwoods West Virginia spot in a valley that I've ever been to.

Works great.


I'm very pleased with how well it works. In the area where I live my cell is pretty mush useless without it.

Fantastic product!


We bought the Weboost Drive Reach for our Class B RV to get us cellular reception inside our Mercedes 3500 Sprinter chassis. With its steel chassis, the van is a Faraday cage and is very effective at killing cellular signals. We also live in a cellular signal desert, so it served as a perfect test site. The Drive Reach performs admirably: we went from getting very little data in to a strong 24Mbps, and from nothing going out to 22Mbps out. We are *very* happy with the Weboost Drive Reach.

Actually works, worth it - but a power hog


Used this extensively while crewing a 2000+ mile cross-USA run. Was able to get a signal virtually everywhere in CA, AZ, NM, TX, AR, MS, AL, GA, FL -- in many places where my phone was useless bc the signal was so faint. We're talking really remote areas - still on paved roads, but you could go all day and only see a couple other vehicles. The nearest teeny town might be 100+ miles away. If my phone couldn't get a signal, I'd switch to my wifi hotspot, then try MIMO antenna on hotspot, then try dual stubby magnetic WeBoost antennas on hotspot, OTR antenna (shorter version, with converter) on hotspot, then stubby on Drive Reacher booster, then the Drive Reach booster plus the OTR. Reason I did it this way is that we were getting power off an ArkPak w/ 100 Ah Battle Born LiFePO4 battery and a 500W Jackery power station that also had to power two Dometic fridges and a bunch of miscellaneous devices while recharging from the vehicle battery as I drove, and the Drive Reach consumes a ***LOT*** of power. Do the power math if this may be an issue for you and make sure you turn it off if you don't actually need it (which is easy, because there's a handy on/off switch). Super-pleased and would 100% buy it again. Did a similar trip before I bought it, lack of connectivity was a major problem and source of stress -- and on this MUCH longer trip, I never worried once about connectivity.

I would buy it agin.


Well I do a lot of traveling and Overland camping and so far it does search for tower reception when there is none and I get at least 1 to 2 bars depending on my location. Overall the wife likes it and thats what counts happy wife happy life.

Works great!


This thing is amazing. I have an irregular work schedule where I am frequently on call and free to do whatever. I live and work in a small city surrounded by National Forest and rural farm country, so cell service is spotty and thus risky business when I am on call. This thing really expands my range I am able to go and still be reachable. It's important to note that this thing will not create a signal where there is not one, but it will take a marginal one and make it very strong.

Well designed, simple to install, works as advertised


Purchased this with the OTR-RV antenna kit for our Travato. Review tests indicated that even though this antenna is not optimal for the Reach, it's better than the mini-mag antenna included for car use, which would not have worked because the cable is too short for RV use. The OTR-RV antenna is an excellent match to Promaster/Sprinter conversion vans. No oscillations detected anywhere within van. The central location of the amp module and the 8' interior antenna cable length allows effective positioning most anywhere in the van...and you do need to be within about 2' for positive effect. About a bar to 2 bars enhancement in deep fringe areas. Turned several of our favorite campsites into useable reception zones. Major gripe is the 12V power adaptor. It fits extremely loosely in standard cigarette lighter sockets and makes intermittent electrical contact unless physically held down to one side. The trouble appears to be spring contacts on the adaptor sides are not springy enough and don't protrude far enough to guarantee robust contact. The adaptor also powers up when coach 12V is powered up, so it can be on and you won't know it. Need a more positive power switching that only comes on when you physically push the switch.

Works as expected


Works as expected. I leave it off until I get somewhere with poor coverage, switch it on, and my phone shows full bars. Phone calls and internet access quality improves accordingly. "Range extender" seems like a poor description, but certainly "signal booster". My hatchback is fairly short by car standards, and trying to run the cable the recommended way get me 1m (3ft) short of the passenger seat. Had to cable it through the door in a not-elegant way. The power and internal antennae cables are probably longer than they need to be, by comparison.

Great equipment and easy to install. Signal has improved!


My job requires me to be in locations where cell service is very weak, if not non existent. Since I have installed this signal booster, I now have service. Love it!

Easy and True


I go off road a lot and routinely lose signal. Total loss. I registered on Verizon, all the info on the back of the unit. Took 3 minutes and done. Plugged it in per instructions. 2 min. Signal before use about 98 dB. Turned on and it goes to 54 dB. Works great. Proximity to the internal antenna is important. About 12 inches away, I lose about 10 dB. It's great. Thanks Weboost.

it really works... not a miracle for dead zones but it works


i drive 90miles / day. gets me over the weak zones wo/ dropping calls. in the mountains, i have much better service. now i can avoid the drive to the top of a ridge to make a call and stay at camp ( not that cells and camping are good, but it has a power switch)

Works perfectly to boost connection to the AT&T Cloud.


Bought this product to assist with connecting new vehicles at a dealership with the applications on the customers smart phones. Boost sign al perfectly for a seamless connection. Helps us save them 30 to 40 minutes now. Great device. I recommend it. Other options ran in the 5-30 thousand dollar range.