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weBoost Home Complete Cellular Booster Kit (470145)

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The weBoost Home Complete cellular signal booster boosts network speeds across all available bands including band 25 for enhanced Sprint support for large homes or up to 7,500 sq. ft. The fabric-covered inside antenna is designed for ease of installation and versatility, no screws required, features a built-in kickstand for optimal shelf placement and 3M Command strips for wall mounting. The booster itself, made of cast aluminum for better heat dissipation, also includes a set of wall-mount brackets with 3M Command strips allowing for a drill-free installation.

Users will experience faster data speeds, better voice quality, fewer dropped calls, and superior streaming capability. The Home Complete supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE across all phones and tablets on all US carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and more.

Key Features:

  • For multiple users and devices
  • Boosts Band 25 for improved performance for Sprint customers.
  • Compatible with all phones on all U.S. carriers
  • Max gain of 72dB
  • Boosts 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE
  • Step-by-step, guided DIY installation
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • FCC Certified

How it Works:

Receives Signal
The powerful antenna reaches out to access a voice, 3G, 4G and LTE data signals, and delivers it to the booster.
Boosts Signal
The booster receivesthe signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cellphone tower.
Broadcasts Signal
Your devices get a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

What's Included:

Home Complete Booster - 470145

Outside Directional Antenna - 314445

Fabric Inside Antenna - 314440

Power Supply - 850023

Cable Mounting Clips (x15)

60' + 75' Black RG11 Cables- 951160, 951175

Wall Mount Brackets w/ Command Strips

Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket

Installation Manual
(Download Here)

Installation ManualSpecifications

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Up To 1,500 sq ft

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Compatible with all cellular devices and U.S. Carriers

Boosts Data, Voice & Text

Outside Antenna




Inside Antenna


Fabric Panel

Fabric Panel

Max Gain

60 dB

65 dB

72 dB

Best Price Guarantee

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• Powerful multi-user cell signal booster designed for residential use;• Up to 24 dBm in uplink-output power and up to 12 dBm in downlink-output power--users now get signal up to 26% farther from towers and enjoy up to 46% more coverage area ;• Simultaneously boosts existing cell signal for multiple users throughout a large home or multi-story residence--up to 7,500 sq. ft. (depending on outside signal conditions);• Features a fabric-covered inside panel antenna and custom wall-mount brackets (with 3M Command(TM) Strips) for easy install;• Compatible with all cellular devices and on all US carrier networks;• Includes 72 dB booster, fabric panel, outside antenna with mount, black AC/DC 12-volt/3 amp/36 watt switching Kycon plug with cable, 60 ft. RG11 Cable, 75 ft. RG11 cable, cable clips;• Also includes 3M Command(TM) Strips, VELCRO(R) cable management straps, and installation guide;

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

Sorry I waited so long


Our cell signal border lines with no service available to normally 1 bar of service. With the whole home product, we are able to deliver 3 bars in our family room, kitchen,, and bedroom.

I should have purchased this product earlier


This product immediately improved my cellular reception. I went from an average of 0 to 1 bar to mostly three bars with wonderful throughput.

Works great inside steel building


We installed the product in about an hour. I would have bought the package that included install, however we engage in commercial activities for our business and read that the we boost doesn't install in businesses. Before install we had zero signal inside our steel building. We had 1 bar out side. After install we have 3 or 4 bars inside building. Great product. Glad we purchased

Totally Worth the Investment!


We were able to easily install this ourselves & our reception problems were greatly improved!



Towers are ten miles away on the horizon, I'm on a hilltop. One or two bars out in the yard or sitting by one window in the house (metal roof). Three (T-Mobile) bars now, sitting by the inside antenna, four bars (Sprint) in the living room thirty feet away! Considering installing a "mobile" hot spot for WiFi. Hex wrench for Yagi mount too big for sockets in pole clamp bolts. Expected included alternative hardware to attach Yagi to roof fascia or wall (in addition to the pole clamp). Wondering what the cone-of-vision is for the Yagi; would five degrees either way be sufficient?

I would buy this booster again.


Price to purchase is high but works great. I wish it had a second inside antenna to extend cell service to my man cave.

It has been a great purchase


The product exceeded my expectations. I had sometimes at best 1 bar signal in our home and now there are times we get 4 bars.



Easy to install and now we actually have good service in our house.

Hating That I Spent This Much For It


No signal improvement at all. Have moved the antennas in relation to each other all over, to no avail. This might have a defective part, but have no way of telling. Dumbest $1,000 I have ever spent.

Absolutely amazing


Took me awhile to install on our mobile home due this being the first time I used this. Once I completed installing the booster, I noticed a HUGE difference in cell phone signal. Our mobile home had man dead spots and now, zero. Signal went from 1-2 bars to full bars. Yes, this is pricey but, I 100% recommend this product. Now, we can watch Netflix without any buffering and able to put the quality at 1080p with no issues. We live out in the country and sadly, where we live is the worst place for cell service. Wish we would have done this sooner. If you want perfect signal, get this.

Hard to overstate how well the Home Complete works


I use this product at a completely off-grid property in the very rural, high-country (9,000') of Gunnison County, CO. Without the booster, my signal oscillated from 1 bar of 1x to no signal when outside on the porch facing the signal. After the install, I got a consistent 3 bars of LTE throughout the inside of the house. The data speed I get with the booster justifies getting rid of the HughesNet Dish I have for internet. The product is amazing and I couldn't get by without it.

I would buy this product again!


Can now make & receive cell calls from our house in the mountains.

Great customer service!


I am sure this would have been an excellent booster if I had just the smallest signal from Verizon. I knew when I brought it that this might not work since I get zero cell signal but I thought I would try anyway. Talked to Verizon for help and all they could tell me is the direction to point the antenna. Even though I had to register the booster with them and give them the serial number they said there was no way for them to see the booster on their network? They also said they could not send someone out to help even if I tried to pay. This is where Willson Electronics stepped up and let me return the entire system with no questions or hassle. They were sorry it didn't work and kept apologizing even though I told them it wasn't their fault it was Verizon. If you get some Verizon signal then this might be a great product, if you get zero signal then don't bother but remember it isn't Wilsons fault it's your cell providers. Thanks for letting me try Willison!! (Bob your customer rep was great to work with)