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Winegard 15dB Distribution Amplifier for TV Antennas and CATV (HDA-100)

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Winegard 15dB Distribution Amplifier for TV Antennas and CATV (HDA-100)

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of a stronger TV signal with the Winegard 15dB Distribution Amplifier. This high-quality amplifier is designed to boost your antenna signal, ensuring you enjoy crystal clear TV reception, even in installations with long cable runs and splitters.

  • Compensates for signal loss from long cable runs, splitters, and connectors
  • Weather-resistant enclosure; recommended for indoor use
  • Gain: 15dB; Noise Figure: 3dB
  • Bi-directional capability for cable TV and cable internet applications
  • Comes with power supply and inserter
  • Flexible power options - power supply can be hooked up directly to the amp, or use the inserter to power it remotely down the coax line

Technical Specifications

The Winegard Distribution Amplifier is a single RF input, 15dB gain, and single RF output unit. It features a 5-42 MHz two-way bi-pass at 2dB. The amplifier is housed in an industrial-grade, weather-resistant enclosure that protects against weather damage. Each unit has an RF input, amplified RF output, and DC power insertion jack.

Boost Your TV Signal with Winegard

Imagine settling down for a night of your favorite TV shows, only to be met with a weak signal and poor reception. With the Winegard Distribution Amplifier, you can say goodbye to these frustrations. This amplifier is designed to boost your TV signal, ensuring you enjoy crystal clear reception, even in installations with long cable runs and splitters. It's the best coax signal booster you can get, and it's here to revolutionize your TV viewing experience.

Don't let a weak signal ruin your TV time. Boost your antenna signal with the Winegard Distribution Amplifier. It's time to experience TV like never before. Order now and enjoy a stronger, clearer signal today.


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A must have for over the air systems


Purchased A UHF/VHF antenna from solid signal a few months ago. I was satisfied however we were looking to get one more channel that never came in very well. This amplifier solved our problem.I place the amp within 1 foot of the antenna which was up a pine tree and use the supplied splitter to hook up the power inside the house. Very easy installation, very good product performance. 5 stars.

Who Needs Cable?


Almost too simple a real plug and play solution -- worked like a charm. All my intermittent channels are now coming in strong and clear; no more signal drop or pixelation. I re-scanned all channels and picked up 46 solid signals in the greater Chicago market.And the power inserter option (included) made the installation very easy.Highly recommended.

Stop the pixels!!


With a new roof on the way I needed to move the antenna into the attic and my signal quality suffered immediately.Even the major channels were breaking up into a pixelated mess!Fortunately I already had a power source in the attic so running a spur line over to the amplifier was no big deal.Now all of the major even secondary channels are strong and clear.Im very happy with this unit

It does the job!!


Combined with the new Antenna it does what its suppose to do.The TV signals are just perfect.

Winegard HDA100


Thanks so much to Solid Signal about this suggestion. I cant believe how much stronger my signal is now with this amplifier. In Galveston Texas I had nothing but problems with one of the channels that is my favorite and now no problems and strong.