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Winegard 24dB Distribution Amplifier for TV Antenna or CATV (HDA-200)

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Winegard 24dB Distribution Amplifier for TV Antenna or CATV (HDA-200)

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of enhanced signal strength with the Winegard 24dB Distribution Amplifier. This high-performance device is designed to optimize signal for over-the-air (OTA) TV and cable installations, ensuring you enjoy the best possible viewing experience.

  • 24dB Distribution Amplifier: This feature boosts your TV antenna and cable TV signals, providing a clear and stable reception.
  • Adjustable Gain: Customize your signal strength to receive the most local TV channels, enhancing your viewing options.
  • 20dB FM Trap: This feature stops radio signals from interfering, allowing for clearer TV reception.
  • Optimal for Indoor Antenna: Achieve the best results when used with an indoor antenna, especially when the installation features 20+ foot cable lengths and you plan to split the signal.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand Name: Winegard
  • Product Weight: 1 lb
  • Housing Dimensions: 4.90" W x 3.92" H x 1.5" D
  • Gain: 24 dB; adjustable
  • Package includes power supply and inserter

Winegard is a globally recognized manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in TV antenna technology. The company also specializes in satellite television and commercial 2-way VSAT real-time broadband technologies. It continues to expand into new markets, including recreational vehicle (RV), trucking, and many other industries.

As a trusted partner, Solid Signal proudly carries a variety of top-selling products by Winegard, including the 24dB distribution amplifier. This amplifier is best used when placed close to the antenna or cable drop, ensuring optimal signal strength and clarity.

Don't let weak signals ruin your TV viewing experience. Upgrade your setup with the Winegard 24dB Distribution Amplifier today and enjoy a world of clear, stable, and high-quality TV reception. Order now!


• Single RF input;• 24dB gain;• Single RF output with a 5MHz-42MHz, 2-way bi-pass at +12dB gain;• 20dB switchable FM trap & return path;• 0dB-18dB gain control;• Adjustable gain;• Includes power supply & inserter;


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Perfect fit.


I needed a replacement amp for my off air distribution system. I send signal to 20 locations on four floors. This product plugged right in with a tweak of the level control to restore service.

I replaced a 33 year old amp with this Winegard TV signal Amp and the results are great. All channels are clear and bright. Great amp!


I recommend this Equipment highly



I installed a Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB91X antenna about 2 weeks ago. When I finally got it adjusted to get all the major stations out of Denver, I was getting 60 to 73 signal rating on most stations. I added the Winegard HDA200 Distribution Amplifier yesterday. WOW! What a difference! The snow on the screen is gone and the wavy lines diminished to almost non-existent. And once I adjusted the antenna and found the directional Sweet Spot, now I'm getting a constant low 80's to high 90's signal readings. VERY Satisfied!

No problems so far


Using the HDA200 paired with a HDB91x @ 25 feet above the ground on a 75-foot run of RG-11. Pulling in stations at 60-70 miles away with 80-90% signal strength according to the meter on the TV. Good products and as always, excellent service and prompt shipping from Solid Signal.

Works very well.Noticable Improvement.


The FM Trap switch In/Out was not described in instructions.

good product


I like the design. some brands are up in the sky with the antenna which in my case is 40 feet in the air.