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Winegard Boost XT 20dB Pre-Amp for Outdoor HDTV Antennas (LNA-200)

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Boost your signal strength with this TV antenna preamplifier from Winegard. Benefit from a stronger antenna signal for better reception. Your HDTV reception issues are now over. Look no further than Solid Signal for antenna TV reception tips! The best signal booster can now be yours. 

Boost XT is the most advanced digital TV antenna amplifier available! It works with any non-amplified outdoor antenna and features the lowest noise figure (1 dB typical). Boost XT makes up for signal loss from long cable runs and splitters. Get better signal strength and more reliable reception. Give your antenna a boost! 

Key features

  • Includes: Preamplifier, USB power cable, 110V adapter, power inserter, hose clamps
  • Powered through coax connection - no additional electrical wiring required
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 dB gain delivers all the power you need for long cable runs (Up to 300 ft.)
  • A short RG6 jumper may be necessary to complete the cable run

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• Works with any nonamplified/passive TV antenna;• TwinAmp Technology(TM) separately amplifies VHF & UHF signals;• Ultralow noise--1dB typical;• 10x more power handling capability;


Ratings & Reviews

33 reviews

Fixed my problem


Works great! I no longer lose channels.

this is a very good preamp


works great

Winegard LNA-200 TV Pre-Amp.


A great product for a good price.

Replacement of Winegard pre-amp


Replacement for Winegard pre-amp that I had for many years. Old product was very good and replacement did not disappoint. I am able to pull in stations with outside antenna that are over 70 miles away. Good clear picture. Biggest issue is always electronic interference with is very limited with this product

Must have


A must have for enhanced reception reply anymore anywhere along the cable between antenna and amplifier
Nice feature

I finally found an amplifier that satisfies my needs


For a long time, I read reviews on pre-amps, and most of them blocked FM signals. That wasn't what I wanted. There is a great classical station that places me in the fringe area. The piedmont triad area in North Carolina has TV transmitters 40 miles from the most populous areas. The LNA-200 is the only one that works. The solution was to stack an all-channel antenna (Channel Master) with a yagi directional FM antenna aimed at 2 different directions mixed with a signal splitter used as a signal combiner. This situation makes it possible to send all the signals with one coax cable. I used a quad shield RG6 cable, as advised by the Youtube channel (Antenna Man PA). Where the coax enters the house, I just used a signal splitter to send the signals to the appropriate receivers. Now I can cancel my cable TV subscription, and I am able to get the classical FM station I wanted. The total FM stations I can get amounts to about 50.

The LNA-200 is the best for your tv antenna.


The best pre-amp on the market for the money .

Definitely works!


Works very well but needs a stronger attachment for antenna; kind of flimsy, however the pre amp itself works very well - just has a flimsy attachment to the antenna

Excellent low cost, low noise, high gain RF preamp


Excellent wideband low noise VHF/UHF preamp at good price. I use a lot of these for OTA TV & other RF RX uses. Useful for long cable runs, especially on UHF freqs where cable losses rapidly accrue on higher freqs. Doesn't easily overload in hi signal areas, which is a real problem in my area. Most cheap amps overload in strong RF environments, creating more trouble than they're worth.
I'd like to see are options for sloped & adj gain, notch band filters.. but there are work-arounds for those - but at this price, it's a no-brainer.
Make sure to ground the antenna mast & related equipment as per standard good practice. HIGHLY recommend use of a power surge protector on the USB PS module (susceptible to surge failures), and inline cable (F connector) surge protectors (which MUST be grounded. Good surge protectors are worth every $0.01!



Good product

Works Great, My old pre-amp was not getting all the channels anymore


My old pre-amp was not getting all the channels anymore. This new one and also a new RG6 cable improved the situation. I am now getting the far away TV signals once again

Low-noise is where it's at


Amps sure do help, but the noise level can often hurt. This amp really does the job with a minimal amount of noise which produces the best signal. Winegard product holds up well.

Happy Camper On The AuSable Northern Lower Michigan


Winegard Boost XT 20DB Pre-Amps For Outdoor HDTV Antennas (LNA-200) Are Top Of The Line I Have Been Buying Winegard Products Since The Mid 1970's Many Of Those Classic Antenna Systems Are Still In Use They Are Built To Last DECADES Products QUALITY/TOUGH AS SHERMAN TANKS. Antennas Direct Is Grand As Well THANK YOU! SOLID SIGNAL! YOUR SERVICE IS GREAT, PROMPT ALWAYS RIGHT ON THE MONEY! STAFF OUTSTANDING!

Good Pre-Amp and Great Seller.


This Winegard pre-amp appears to be an excellent boost amp for the money. Unfortunately for me, our antenna is mounted close to the ground on the side of a hill obscuring the transmitting antenna 43 miles away. Worse, my antenna is in the middle of a forest of 70' high trees. In spite of all this, the Winegard did allow me to receive some other closer stations - I recommend it. I also commend the seller, Solid Signal - A reputable and customer oriented vendor.

First Class Customer Centric Service


My first review is about the seller, Solid Signal. My wife ordered a pre-amp from Solid Signal. After ten days, USPS tracking showed our package as being stuck in the seller's home state. It began to appear that the package had become lost. We contacted Solid Signal who immediately put a tracer on the non-moving pre-amp. Solid Signal also immediately sent a replacement pre-amp out - no charge. Solid signal is sending a prepaid return label in case the recalcitrant preamp ever shows. Great company! Excellent customer centric service. Like having a close family member in the antenna business. Will use Solid Signal again.

Simply the BEST preamp available


I install nothing but Winegard LNA-200s and they out perform and outlast every other preamp on the market. And Solid Signal has the best prices and fastest service so my customers are never kept waiting.



The LNA-200 is built to last and has class leading low noise figure performance. Plenty of gain for even the longest coax runs yet plenty of AGC overload protection and filtering

Improved both signal strength and picture quality.


Installed as directed in combination with a Winegard HD8200U TV antenna. Numerous new stations for free-it's all good.

Works Great! Pulls in a lot more stations!


Purchased the LNA-200 Pre-Amp with the Winegard HD769HP antenna. Got it all set up w/antenna pointing SSE this weekend, 5/6/18. The antenna is 10ft. above our 1-story roof peak. We're 30+ miles from Cedar Hill where the vast majority of the station towers are located for DFW area. The Pre-Amp drives 3 Sony TVS (32, 40, & 55) off a 3-way splitter. My old antenna (a Radio Shack long-distance one, about 10ft. long) picked up 20+ signals. This new setup pulls in 117 digital and 1 analog signal. FYI - I already had a 120VAC electrical outlet box in my attic so it was convenient to plug in the Pre-Amp's power supply. Also, I used RG-6 coax cable rather than RG-59. I read that it's a better coax cable. Just wanted to let you know this setup works great. Hope this helps.

I highly recommend Solid Signal for all your OTA needs. Customer service is tops. Technical representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful.


Before investing in OTA (Over The Air)equipment, make sure what stations you intend to receive. Be aware of the FCC mandated Repack which is ongoing which will change the number of stations remaining on the air and those which will go dark (Off air permanent). Once completed, the repack will have removed all UHF channels higher than channel 36. Few stations have opted to go back to the low band channels (2-6), some will to the High Band 7-13), some will revert to a sub-channel on another station and some will leave the air permanently. The low band stations will be very isolated and few in number. If you live 40 miles or more from a station, use an outdoor pre-amp mounted right under the antenna and a rotator if you have stations in different directions. Avoid antennas in the attic due to the shielding from metallic insulation and foliage (trees) which also blocks signals. If you still have concerns or Solid Signal.

Best amplifier available for over the air tv


Use this in freedom NY and arcade NY area in southern tier NY to get MeTV and a few other station and it never fails always works like a charm and often get them on sale for like 39$ making it that much better

It's a wash


After spending two hours installing this unit, I am sorry to report that it has made no appreciable difference. The stations that I hoped to pick up more clearly are no better and I have actually lost some of the other channels. The weather boots that are provided to seal the coax connections are useless because they won't stretch over the cable ends. Also be sure to buy two extra coax cables, one for the antenna and one for the powered cable box at the TV. If I didn't have to spend two hours removing this unit, I would return it. At this point I am tired of dealing with it.

Perfect for most antennas


Added to a Clearstream 2 antenna, 35 miles from towers, could not get abc, now get abc with no problem and no distortion from any channel, have 5 other friends and family hooked up the same way and everyone loving it.

The original model worked just fine.


The only problem is the power supply. It loosens up and then TV is intermittent. I got the newer version from the company and one was a failure and the other got just 30 of the stations I previously got. So I just used the NEW power supply and the old one worked fine. The power supply is a horrible design would be much better if it was a transformer, which is much more stable.

This amplifier is an outstanding extreme low noise Design that is the backbone of excellent quality digital YV reception. Brings out the best of most Antennas.


I used this amplifier with an Yagi Antenna RCA ANT751R s and Antenna direct 91XG and also compared with AP8275 low noise amplifier. The TV picture quality was very good because of very low noise floor and higher signal to noise ratio. 18 to 20 Db gain is more than adequate to take care of the cable attenuation( my TVs are about 125 feet of cable, about 8 Db loss) from the signal Antenna source plus an additional 6db. splitter and combiner losses. A second antenna( FL6550A) faces towards Boston TV stations. FL6550A also has similar built in LNA200 amplifier design. The combined signals(Two fixed Antennas pointing in opposite directions, no rotor needed) feed multiple TVs getting good Signals of different channels of viewers choice at the same time). Separate Gain stage( for VHF and UHF Frequencies) and low noise frontend components Makes this amp. differentiates from many other products in the market. A nice device indeed.

This Pre-amp is worth it!!


I hooked it up to my Hdb91x and I pickup 1 more station that I wasn't getting and it also strengthened all my other channels, but the real surprise was the next morning I thought I would try to scan in some distance channels and it did the job. I was able to get all Columbus,Oh stations that are 100 miles away tropo. Eventhough I can't get them all the time I now have them scanned in my tuner when I get a skip,which so far has been every morning since I added this pre amp. If you want to add stability to your existing channels and be able to pickup distant channels from time to time this pre amp is the way to go.Also the one LP station, I now get a signal to the south where as before I could only get it pointed directly to the transmitter NW of me.This pre amp made a huge difference for me. I'm ecstatic at the results.

Replaced vintage PS-7000 with this unit!


My old system, installed by the previous home owner, blew over in a storm. I replaced everything but the amplifier and the rotator. The PS-7000 was needed, but old. This unit was just installed, a Solid Signal Deal of the Day. Signal strength is better on all channels, but has been particularly improved on channels that are about 60 degrees off of the new antenna's direction. I will not need to replace the rotator because of this. Very satisfied! For reference, I am receiving signal from Chicago (40 miles) and South Bend, Indiana (30 miles).

Stuck between buildings and get reception now. Same as the other side of building,but more stations. Thanks


The other tennants told me I couldn't get any tv on my side of the building, because of the chruch. They were wrong.

Added per specs from this company


Installed with new antenna and booster and everything is working great. Cannot not tell how much this helped but best channels we have ever recieved

Great product


We live in a very rural, mountainous area (closest transmission tower is 120 miles). Without the help of an amplifier, such as the LNA-200 it would be impossible to receive any signal in most areas.

Added 13 channels!!


I am really happy with this product.I live 35 miles from any major city and was having a rough time getting 10 channels,I now get 23!Very satisfied!

Works well (seems to), P/S radiates RFI


Install (4 days ago) included new UHF & VHF antennas at higher elevation. Noticeably better signal and more channels, but atmospheric changes over the day may account for signal changes. Sometime when Boston fades out, Providence RI(!) comes in. BUT the power supply throws out ENORMOUS amount of RFI especially noticeable on the lower AM band making non-local AM radio unlistenable. This would have lowered my rating more but I am hoping Winegard can fix this.

This is a great preamp!


I thought I would give this preamp a try in place of the low noise multimedia amplifier that I have been using. Even though the signal strength hasn't increased with this preamp, the signal quality has significantly improved. Some of the weaker stations that used to pixelate badly or drop out are now completely clear. Other stations that didn't come in at all now come in weak. I am getting signal strengths between 90 and 100 on stations over 60 miles away with an indoor db4e antenna. This preamp will now be my first choice for any initial antenna connection. One thing to watch out for though. Be careful with the power inserter. It appears to be very fragile so don't attempt to screw the connectors on too tight.